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This is a listing of the main available layouts to organise your events in Concorde Hotels & Resorts Group hotels.

Find a meeting room according to layout

Banquet (also known as "Rondes de Banquet")
A group of round tables seating 10 to 12 and facilitating conversation between participants.

Rows of tables and seats facing the front of the room (as well as the speaker, usually) and providing each participant with space to write.

A group of round tables seating 6 to 8 (in half-moon), more appropriate than the banquet style in the case of a lecture-type presentation.

Theatre (also known as Auditorium)
Rows of seats facing a stage, a head table or the speaker.

Council (also known as Conference / Boardroom)
A rectangular or oval table with seats all around and at the ends, appropriate for management committees.

Cocktail (also known as Reception)
A layout of cocktail / reception tables facilitating the flow of people and conversations.

A series of U-shaped tables, with seats all around, facilitating interaction between participants and the speaker

Using ActiveMatrix™, create, visualise and share your meeting room layouts.