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We suggest you examine the 10 key questions below, which you should ask yourself prior to approaching Meet in Style to launch your site search. They represent an important consideration of elements to help you fine-tune your ultimate choice of locale and services, both of which are fundamental to the success of your event.

  This file is yours to use, to print and to keep, to help you structure your analysis.

Information on your event

• What are the issues concerning this event?
• Who is this event aimed at?
• What are the three most important elements that will make this event a success?
• Will you be requiring guest rooms?
• Will you be requiring catering to be provided?
• What are the dates of this event?
• Are those dates flexible?
• What is the layout required for the meeting rooms? Plenary, sub-commissions...
• Will you require a specific extra service for this event? (Incentive, Car Launch, Team Building…)
• Do you have an approximate budget planned for this event?

Once those various items have been elucidated, we suggest that you: