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ActiveMatrix™ lets you visualise the selected meeting facility in various layouts and to print a room capacity chart. Simply click on one or several room sections, or on the entire room, and select a layout style to immediately visualise how that style will adapt to the chosen room area.

  • Visualise all of our meeting rooms, in various layouts (Theatre, classroom etc.)
  • Export your own layouts/creations in MJPG (Picture) or MMS (MeetingMatrix software) formats
  • Directly email your own layouts/creations
  • Print your own layouts/creations

List of hotels with Active Matrix™

Hotel Concorde La Fayette, Paris
Hotel Concorde Montparnasse, Paris
Concorde Opéra Paris, Paris
Hotel de Crillon, Paris
Hotel du Louvre, Paris
Hotel Lutetia, Paris

Hotel Martinez, Cannes
Villa Massalia, Marseille
Hotel Palais de la Mediterranee, Nice
Hotel Concorde Berlin, Berlin, Germany