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You are committed to eco-responsibility: by choosing a Concorde hotel, you know you will find...

• Brochures printed on 100% recycled or eco-friendly paper
• In our meeting rooms: 100% recycled paper pads, recycled pencils, recycling bins, PEFC certified wood supply boxes
• A selection of electronic media: presentation on CD-Rom, on-line E-brochures, downloadable E-presentations, etc.
• Responsible Banquet menus featuring locally grown produce, serving local dishes made with seasonal products, providing organic or fair trade products for breaks.

Plan an event that reaches out to others

Organize local environmental or community-related activities with the help of our partners.

Ormedia – Environnementiel: organization of eco-responsible team-building activities (recycling workshop, organic wine tasting…) and Eco-responsible evening events (sustainable dance floor, recycling, creation of plant jewelry…)

Unis-Cité: organization of concrete actions to benefit charitable organizations or the environment (clean-up, collection and sorting of trash, clearing brush on a natural reserve, creation/upkeep of an organic garden, renovation of an emergency intake/housing center…)

France Bénévolat: organization of charitable activities to benefit social organizations in Île-de-France (improving the park at a foster home for autistic people, participating in a social service intake or a day in a charity center, participating in work to integrate a neighborhood council, collection, sorting and preparation of food parcels…)

Getting even more involved…

Concorde Hotels & Resorts is associated with Care France, a non-profit organization providing support for populations affected by climate change.
Make a donation to Care France.

Establish your event’s carbon footprint

With our partner, Climat Mundi, you benefit from a free online carbon calculator. After doing the math, a compensation is proposed (purchasing CO2 reductions) and an offset certificate is delivered. With this compensation, Climat Mundi buys carbon credits which finance energy saving and renewable energy projects.
For more information concerning the funded projects.
To calculate your event’s carbon footprint.

Did you know?

A few tips to make your event even greener:
• Choose public transportation and hybrid taxis
• Choose potted plants, and ask for local varieties. You leave a smaller carbon footprint by reducing the distance between the production site and delivery address.
• Request water served in a carafe rather than bottled water.
• Why not use a Segway to tour the city: practical, rapid and ecological, it takes you anywhere you want to go.

Read all about it…

For more information on our program, download or view our Sustainable Development Charter.

Meet & Commit

To improve our CSR action everyday, please let us know your suggestions.