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Historic Marseille and the Quais of the Old Port

Quais of the Old Port

Founded in 600 B.C., Marseille was a Phoenician city whose name was derived from the Greek word Massalia. Considered a crossroads to the world, the city of Marseille is today endowed with an especially rich history and is a source of cultural identity.

The historic part of the city has maintained a wealth of architectural resources that are found in the old districts of the Panier and the Old Port . From the Hôtel Concorde Villa Massalia , close to the Parc Borély , visitors can head for the historic center by following the boulevard that stretches along the shore of the Mediterranean and the Prado beaches . Below the Canebière are the quais of the Old Port , lined with sunlit terraces, and whose origins date back to ancient times.

The walking tour continues through the Panier district , located close to the Moulins Hill. A representative traditional area with its narrow streets and colorful façades, the Panier is home to many of the most beautiful and emblematic buildings and sites of the city: the Vieille Charité almshouse, dating from 1749, as well as the Hôtel-Dieu , the former city public hospital and a major monument, founded in 1593. Visitors can also admire the Place de Lenche, located on the site of the former Greek marketplace, and the Hôtel de Cabre, which is the oldest existing house in Marseille .