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Located between Cannes and Nice, Juan-les-Pins is a seaside city that is part of the municipality of Antibes. Benefiting from a typically Mediterranean climate and exceptional natural resources, the seaside resort of Antibes-Juan-les-Pins became famous for its beautiful white sandy beaches that stretch from Golfe-Juan out to the Cape, its crystal clear water and its hidden creeks, tiny wild paradises as rewarding as buried treasure.

Once a small, seaside village tucked away among hundred year-old pine trees, in the 1920's, Juan-les-Pins became a famous seaside resort, showcased by the rich American investor, Frank Jay Gould, who was inspired to build an elegant, refined Art Déco hotel there. The world's most famous stars came to have lunch with a view of the sea. Fallen into neglect, after having hosted celebrities from the world over, the former Provençal hotel complex is currently the focus of a pharoanic renovation project, destined to become a residence for millionaires. In Nice, in 1929, Gould built another gem of Art Déco architecture, the Palais de la Méditerranée.

Today, just a few kilometers from Cannes and its prestigious 5-star Hôtel Martinez, Juan-les-Pins has become the requisite venue for night-goers and lovers of chic evening parties. Filled with entertainment, the city of Juan-les-Pins is renowned for its many discotheques and private clubs. The Antibes-Juan-les-Pins Jazz Festival is held every year in July, and is recognized as the premier jazz festival in Europe.

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