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Marseille - The Calanques

The Calanques

A calanque is, like a fjord in Norway, an indentation in the rocks where the sea penetrates inland. The calanques in the Marseille range, which extend some twenty kilometers along the Mediterranean coastline from Marseille to Cassis, are justifiably considered one of the most beautiful landscapes in France. Whether one reaches them by sea, via the most difficult approaches, by the 145 km of paths, crest trails or shoreline trails, including the famous GR8 that crosses the entire range, or simply by bus or car leaving from Marseille, the calanques offer unforgettable outings and walks, along with numerous opportunities for sports or recreational activities such as scuba diving, rock climbing or kite-flying. They have musical-sounding names: Moumine, l'Escu, Sormiou, Callelongue, Morgiou and Port-Miou, and every one of them is a hiking destination unto itself.

Just a few minutes away from the Avenue du Prado, the Borely Park and the prestigious Villa Massalia Concorde Hotel, the village of Goudes, with its tiny port, is a jumping off point for many destinations, including the Callelongue calanque and its deep waters ranging from emerald green to blue-black in color.

The Calanques are home to 25 species of birds and hundreds of species of plants, some of which are extremely rare and fragile. On this land, owned by the City of Marseille, a National Park project has been established expressly to preserve this unique site.