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Pompidou Center

Pompidou Center

The Georges Pompidou National Arts and Cultural Center is located in the very heart of Paris, in the Beaubourg district, between the Marais and Les Halles districts. It was created in the mid-1970's at the initiative of President Georges Pompidou, who sought to build a major center entirely devoted to culture that would allow the city of Paris to maintain its influential standing in the world of contemporary art. Simultaneously a museum and creative center for modern art, the Pompidou Center unites painting, theater, audiovisual and still photo productions, music and literature. Due to the prestigious collection of works of art found in its National Museum of Modern Art, the center ranks as one of the most important museums in the world.

Just as with the Eiffel Tower initially, the Pompidou Center's architecture created a scandal and, even today, is the source of heated debate. A unique structure, comprised of an assembly of free-standing planes with exposed pipes, metal girders and air ducts, the Pompidou Center symbolizes a free exchange of ideas between people and culture.

The starting point for a cultural tour, the Louvre Hotel is located close to the Pompidou Center, not far from the , the Garnier opera house and the Comédie Française. This allows visitors to discover the most beautiful monuments and museums the city has to offer.

Opening Hours

Open everyday, except Tuesdays from 12 noon – 10:00 pm
Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
Closed: Tuesday, 1st May