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La Défense

La Defense

La Défense is the largest business center in Europe: it stretches out over more than 500 hectares to the northwest of Paris, in the Hauts-de-Seine region, astride the municipalities of Puteaux, Nanterre and Courbevoie. More than 3,500 companies have headquarters there and La Défense is visited by 8 million tourists every year. Located close by, the Hôtel Concorde La Fayette, 137 meters high, welcomes numerous guests on business or pleasure travel.

The biggest corporations have their offices at the very top of the skyscrapers: Total, AXA, Cegetel, La Société Générale and Arcelor. The Grand Arch is home to government ministries, company head offices and major entities such as the Foundation for Human Rights. Visitors can access the roof, which provides an extraordinary view of the Arc de Triomphe and the Pyramid of the Louvre Museum.

The tallest building is the "Tour First" (formerly AXA), built in 1974. Recently renovated, it currently rises to 231 meters, has 52 floors and is now the tallest building in France, surpassing the Tour Montparnasse.

Quite naturally, it is at the core of this world of business that Concorde Hotels & Resorts has its corporate headquarters.

The district of La Défense is also a place for leisure and relaxation: numerous green areas are set at the foot of the towers, and the Les Quatre Temps shopping center is one of the largest in Europe, hosting 250 fashion boutiques, 9 cinemas and numerous restaurants and cafés.