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Concorde Hotels & Resorts signs the "charte de la Diversité" (Chart of Diversity)… Click to learn more (french version).

You can also navigate through the Carreers website of Concorde Hotels & Resorts.


The respect of the men and women who work in our Group is one of the fundamentals on which we wish to focus.
In order to accomplish this, Concorde Hotels & Resorts is committed to its employees in the following areas:


  • For us, excellence exists in a wide variety of forms. Differences are simply part of this equation.
    Diversity is a reality in the Concorde Hotels Group: diversity in terms of professions and profiles, diversity in terms of cultures and origins, and diversity in terms of experience and career paths. Having benefited from a principle of embracing diversity, Concorde Hotels & Resorts is committed to an equal opportunities approach and is keen to build on this by, among other things, developing its means of integrating workers with disabilities. In addition to the recruitment and continued employment of workers with disabilities, awareness initiatives are undertaken to promote a better mutual understanding and a development that moves beyond differences.


  • What do you want to learn today?

As part of our policy of internal promotion and mobility, our employees benefit from training opportunities throughout their careers. The internal training centre, Contact - Concorde Training Action - provides different tools enabling everyone to develop at their own pace. Our approach to training via the Internet gives all employees an opportunity to access development paths, followed up with practical validation procedures. In this way, depending on their requirements, our teams can develop their skills through nearly 150 online training modules.

Concorde Hotels & Resorts recognises specific development needs based on age, experience, desired career path and personal ambitions, and adapts its training catalogue accordingly. The approach is summed up with the logo "What do you want to learn today?" (French: “Quels Savoirs pour vous aujourd’hui?”)

In particular, we enable everyone to progress professionally and to validate their professional and behavioural skills through, among other things, certified training and support from mentors and trainers in the field.


  • Priority is given to internal mobility

Our Group mobility policy aims to encourage employees' development by taking into account not only their performance and potential, but also their desired career path and the opportunities available at Concorde Hotels & Resorts. This policy is implemented using different tools. The Career appointment is a special occasion.
Furthermore, all employees are informed of career opportunities via the Group's website and internal “Concorde Careers” (French: “Concorde Recrute”) posters.

Well-being and safety

  • Concorde Hotels & Resorts ensures the safety of its employees and is committed to the continuous improvement of working conditions and well-being at work.


  • Our employees work 35 hours and have two consecutive rest days every week.

The Louvre Hotels Card: new employees are given a Louvre Hotels card, entitling them to a 50% discount on accommodation and 15% on dining subject to certain conditions. These discounts are valid in all of the Louvre Hotels Group's brands, i.e. Kyriad, Première Classe and Campanile, but also Concorde Hotels & Resorts Group.


  • We have set up structures in all of our establishments to help employees with social difficulties with the presence of a Social Aid service.

    Concorde Hotels & Resorts considers it its duty to support its employees in difficult times and allocates resources via an Economic & Social Commission.