Concorde Hotels & Resorts


Fight against climate change preserves also resources, such as forests. In Nicaragua, 98% of energy is created starting from wood: deforestation makes areas and their inhabitants particularly vulnerable to climate hazards; which is the case of Rio Coco basin.

Concorde Hotels & Resorts will enable CARE to act upstream to sensitize the local actors with climate changes and to train farmers with good management practices for wood resources.

  • 7 districts in the basin of Rio Coco
  • 79,800 inhabitants affected, including:
    • 45 teachers and 900 pupils
    • 55 officials and institutional technicians
    • 1 120 farmers
  • Train population and key actors in climate change (including farmers and teachers)
  • Organize a national forum national on climate change
  • Encourage implementation of public policies related to climate change by training institutional actors and civil society
  • Encourage integration of new agricultural production system to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Durée du projet : 4 years