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Ministère de l'Ecologie, de l'énergie, du développement durable et de la Mer:
Corporate Social Responsibility, 2009 31th of December (updated on the 20th of January 2010)… Click to learn more (french version).


Respect for the environment is at the heart of our concerns and our objective is to actively participate in its protection through our commitments.
For Concorde Hotels & Resorts, to participate in the protection of the environment is to:

Increase the awareness of

>> Our customers

  • Electronic communication is given preference in all our external communication (e-brochures, e-flyers, e-newsletters, e-greeting cards, e-bills). To encourage our customers not to print these communications, an exhortation is included in our electronic signature ("Be GREEN! Read from the screen!").
  • Regarding our sales brochures, those which must be printed are printed on recycled paper.
  • Living and staying in our hotels also involves sharing our environmental values.
  • Our commitment is implemented through good practices that allow us to reduce our impact on the environment and invite our customers to participate:
    • Cleaning of room linen and bathrooms is provided on request, or every two days
    • Our cleaning products are non-toxic and we encourage the use of products that have received environmental approval (eco-label)
    • We have established a line of Ecocert-certified organic welcome products
    • We encourage our customers to use transport that creates little or no pollution: public transport, hybrid cars and taxis, Concorde bicycles, segways, etc.
    • Our stationery and supplies are made from recycled plastics and paper (ball-point pens made with 40% recycled plastic, pencils made with 54% recycled plastic, stationery made with 50% to 75% recycled paper)
    • We also offer event organisers a work environment in line with the sustainable development values that we promote.
    • Finally, our commitment extends to our Restaurants, with all menus, including those for room service, being based on local, seasonal dishes.

Increase the awareness of

>> Our employees

  • In order to increase our employees' sense of environmental responsibility, we have implemented entertaining educational tools that affirm our commitment and which will enable us to achieve the goals that we have set.
    • Our internal communication, whenever possible, is electronic: news flashes, eco-gesture awareness mascots, etc.
    • Posters promoting environmental awareness and respect are displayed in offices and back offices. Key points are presented with a view to encouraging water and energy savings, sorting of waste and commitment to the Community.
    • In order to constantly improve our responsibility policy, we have made suggestion boxes available in our hotels to encourage input from our employees.
    • An eco-ball ® (ecological washing ball) was given to all employees on the launch day of the CSR policy (June 1st, 2010)
    • Entertaining "Business Games" training was offered to work teams, these are designed to ensure a clear understanding and enable optimal deployment of our responsibility policy
    • The use of public transport is encouraged
  • Environmental responsibility criteria have been integrated into our operational standards and are implemented through various tools:
    • appropriate training: eco-gestures by activity (e.g. how to use a product correctly in order to avoid any waste), daily eco-gestures (e.g. waste sorting, double-sided printing, turning off heating / cooling before opening the window, etc.)
    • commitments by specific activity: a booklet summarising daily eco-gestures, by activity, was distributed to every employee on the launch day of the CSR policy (June 1st, 2010)
    • daily reminders by activity and "zoom sheets" are also available on the Intranet

Increase the awareness of

>> Our suppliers

  • All our suppliers and subcontractors have adhered to our responsible purchasing charter. They are committed with us to a continuous improvement approach contributing to the respect and protection of the environment.
  • Their impact on the environment is a key criterion in our tenders: container materials, sources of raw materials, organic products, eco-certification and/or low energy consumption, recyclable packaging, etc.
  • To encourage them to reduce their impact, we follow up the commitments of our suppliers and subcontractors (number of deliveries, weight reduction, recyclability of packaging, etc.)


>> Our impact on the environment

In order to monitor and control our emissions of greenhouse gases, we have introduced carbon footprint assessment in all of our subsidiary hotels. This involves the collection of information, calculation of the total greenhouse gas emissions, the setting of reduction targets and the drafting of an action plan.

  • Through its action plan, each entity commits - and thereby commits its suppliers, partners and employees - to reduce its emissions of greenhouse gases.
    • Deliveries are limited with grouping and spreading of orders (e.g. no delivery of fresh products 2 days/week)
    • Local suppliers are given preference
    • Less polluting forms of transport are encouraged
  • We also participate in reducing the release of chemicals through the use of non-toxic or environmentally approved /eco-labelled cleaning products.
  • With a view to further reducing our impact on the environment, we have introduced a range of Ecocert-certified organic welcome products.


>> Energy consumption

In order to improve control of our energy consumption, we monitor our consumption of gas and electricity on a monthly basis.

  • We strive to adapt our equipment and technical
  • installations (low energy consumption light bulbs, motion sensors in offices and customer corridors)
  • We carry out preventive maintenance, to ensure the correct functioning of electrical appliances.
  • We promote the improvement of technical facilities and equipment with "class A" devices


>> Water consumption

  • To achieve substantial water savings, we carry out monthly monitoring of our consumption.
  • We strive to adapt our equipment and technical facilities (flow reducers in bedrooms and public facilities for showers, baths, toilets, taps)
  • Cleaning of room linen and bathrooms is provided on request, or every two days
  • We use non-toxic or environmentally approved /eco-labelled cleaning products


>> Waste

  • We reduce packaging and containers for our welcome products (e.g. elimination of cardboard for welcome products that are now placed in long lasting containers, reduction of plastic packaging for welcome slippers and facecloths)
  • We are also reducing the packaging of our fresh products by promoting reusable or returnable packaging.
  • Finally, management and use of stocks and raw materials is optimised.


>> Waste

  • We sort and recycle our front office waste (e.g. collection of newspapers by Concierges), in our conference rooms (sorting bins are provided for customers), in our offices and in the reception of merchandise.
  • We collect the following waste: cardboard, paper, glass, batteries, ink cartridges, bulbs, cooking oil, aluminium, plastics and bulky materials.
  • Depending on the location of our hotels, partnerships have been formalised with approved organisations for the collection and recovery of this waste.