Concorde Hotels & Resorts

Sustainable Development

Concorde, serving you, serving the Earth

We, at Concorde Hotels & resorts want to take our profession to a place where guests enter into a lasting relation with our hotels, where they live and stay in a climate of trust and our employees come to work with pride and peace of mind, while actively participating in our communities.

Our code of conduct

Our code of conduct is the foundation of our approach to Environmental, Social and Societal Responsibility.
For Concorde Hotels & Resorts, to be Responsible is to:


  • current laws and regulations and internal standards
  • cultural, religious, philosophical and moral traditions
  • people: our customers, suppliers and partners, our employees
  • the environment, minimizing our impact
  • free competition, rejecting any form of corruption
  • the company: placing Concorde's interests above personal interests, working to preserve historical and architectural heritage, cultivating a sense of belonging


  • accidents and ensure the safety and health of employees

Communicate in a transparent and fair manner

  • in the clauses of our contracts
  • on the nature, price & quality of our services
  • with our customers, partners, employees and shareholders
  • in internal controls of accounts and financial reporting


  • in the satisfaction of our customers
  • in employees' development
  • in local economic and social development