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Passion: because our hotels are staffed with employees who deeply love their trade

A comment by Marie, Guest Relations Manager
« Our success is only possible thanks to passionate employees who embody our high-quality standards with excellence and enthusiasm. Each employee reflects his passion through high implication in his work. When facing our guests, we create for them moments that are unique and unforgettable. We are passionate about the Art of receiving, and about Hospitality. Since Concorde Hotels & Resorts boasts such passionate employees, it enjoys an energetic work environment, focusing on the pleasure of working and of always giving the guests better and better service. »

Sharing: because our employees, highly concerned with satisfying our guests, and coming from different backgrounds and cultures, will spontaneously exchange their experience and know-how

A comment by Laurence, Operations Manager
« Since our employees come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, upon joining our Group each one will enhance his experience with those of colleagues and superiors, but also with those of guests, and will in turn pass on his know-how. Since the sum of our strengths and skills enriches us all, each employee as an individual takes part in our collective objective to achieve total guest satisfaction. »

Authenticity: because our employees are able to forge basic, sincere relationships with each other as well as with our guests

A comment by François, Head Waiter
« The customer is at the heart of our concerns and we should consider him as a houseguest. A happy customer is a return customer, one who will recommend the hotel where he experienced a quality stay, which having exceeded his expectations he will view as exceptional. Thus beyond professionalism, as important as it is of course, we must make every effort at letting our authenticity come through.

Our elegance, our discretion, our know-how, our way of receiving “à la française”, our skill in surprising and in amazing, our attitude both intimate and refrained, our ability to listen, all are assets and personal touches that will help our guests feel reassured, and mark our difference with the competition.

Authenticity is above all about natural behaviour, which must be neither contrived nor overdone; that is what it will take for our guests to perceive this value in the employees we are. »

Ambition: because our employees’ willingness to transcend themselves contributes to their own success and to that of Concorde Hotels & Resorts Group

A comment by Olivia, Human Resources Manager
« Concorde Hotels & Resorts believes in the potential, the development and the ambition of all the men and women who are part of the Group.
The Group takes every step to detect and increase our potential: career meetings, an ambitious training policy, professional experience assessment and summary, internal job mobility (our commitments).
The Group gives every one of its employees the opportunity of projecting ambitiously towards the future.

Besides, Concorde Hotels & Resorts ensures all employees are involved in corporate results (attractive pay, a great number of benefits).
All staff, thus motivated by the challenge, by the willingness to transcend themselves in order to reach defined objectives and by the quest for excellence, reflect the Group’s ambition within their own.

Joining Concorde Hotels and & Resorts means having the ambition of being among those who succeed and project themselves into the future. »

Creativity: because our greatest achievements are the result of our employees’ ideas, the Concorde Hotels & Resorts Group encourages and supports their initiatives

A comment by Xavier, Breakfast Manager
« Concorde Hotels & Resorts believes in its employees’ proactiveness and sense of innovation, which both represent true added value to the company, and it takes every step to develop them, particularly through workgroups (environment project, setting up standards, etc.). Our efficiency depends on our ability to imagine and to invent, to adapt our services to new customer needs and to retain our competitiveness. We are rethinking our organisation and anticipating all changes necessary to maintain our competitiveness. Creativity can help achieve both employee fulfilment and corporate performance improvement. »

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