A day at the museums

The hotel Martinez is very close to the Cannes museums that illustrate its history.

The Castre Museum is located in the ruins of a medieval castle, in the neighbourhood of the Suquet, the oldest of Cannes. This museum brings together a range of archeological and ethnographic collections, paintings from Cannes and the Provence region from the nineteenth and twentieth century, as well as nearly 500 musical instruments from all over the world. The moines de Lérins used to live there, long before the museum became a historical monument. Its square tower from the twelfth century offers a breathtaking panorama of the Bay of Cannes.

At the Sea Museum, visitors can learn about the fascinating maritime history of Cannes. The museum is built on an island within a fort that supposedly hosted the mysterious Iron Mask. From amphorae discovered in underwater shipwrecks to the unearthed Roman wall paintings, without forgetting the photo exhibits, the Sea Museum invites you to dive into the remarkable maritime past of the city of Cannes.

The Malmaison, a former hotel pavilion, is since the middle of the XXth century a famous art gathering space on the Côte d’Azur. In 1945, Aimé Maeght was the first to initiate the painting exhibits that have since given the pavilion its fame.

In the beginning of the 1980’s, the city of Cannes transformed the Malmaison into a museum, which still hosts as of today two major exhibitions per year. The salons of this intimist museum have sheltered, and still shelter as exhibitions are organised, paintings by masters like Miró, Picasso, César, Matisse or Chu Teh-Chun.